Our Vision for Kids Second Chance

Kids Second Chance will provide the following services and resources to our local community in the Adams County, Illinois area. While this region is our primary focus, we will always strive to help any child in need when the resources allow us.

  • Educate and empower troubled youth to know that they do have choices in life. This is done through both group and individual settings.

  • Be a resource for troubled youth as someone to reach out to in times of turmoil. Having someone to talk to is an amazing first step for troubled youth as they try to find a way to get their lives back together.

  • Help kids gain a better understanding of the consequences & rewards for behavior and choices they make. Hearing firsthand what the consequences of your actions are can be both a deterrent as well as a motivator in behavior.

  • Help kids understand that they have a way out. That this does not have to be the life they live, people care about them. Showing examples of people in our organization as well as others in our community that have turned their lives around will help kids see this can and is being done.